Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project 6 Beading Babes

This week is the reveal of items we've been making in project 6 of Beading Babes. I've only succeeded in completing Soutache

I worked on a few tutorial/practice pieces, as you can see I still haven't put the 3 blue pieces together in a necklace or finished the harp ear rings to go with them. I also did the extra tulip shape from B&B website and the initial shape in mag but I didn't a pair of each. The braid I used on these I bought from a local shop. By the time I got this far I had received my order from http://www.ameerunswithscissors.com/ and was itching to try it out. I really loved the feel of this new braid, great quality and it sat together nicely. So here's my new pieces.

I also attempted the Ripple Effect Cuff by Sherry Serafini.
I actually finished this side, then started the second. As every beader knows its all about tension.So by the second side I'd settled into a softer tension which then meant I pulled it all out, back to just the centre piece. I then did some freeform beading which I enjoyed more but doesn't fit with the centre piece so it will come out as well. So back to ripples and creating a variation of it.

 There were 2 other designs a bracelet and necklace which I never managed to even look at. Anyway there has been lots of fabulous creations for all the designs and I'm sure we all learnt heaps, I know I did.
To see more about this please visit either http://releasesbyrufydoof.blogspot.com.au/ or https://www.facebook.com/groups/383705698317459/

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sarah's Bling Box

I have 2 grand daughters, whilst they love bling they've not learnt yet how to be gentle with it. So I've decided to start a bling box each for them to give to them in about 15 yrs or so. I figure if I add a piece or two each year it'll be full.
Anyway Miss Sarah turns 2 shortly so this is the first piece for her box, it's also my first play with twin beads from a tute I found online

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oracle Card Readings

Pop over to my friends blog at http://oraclecardreadings.blogspot.com.au/
Tania has some amazing insights in her readings, follow her blog or facebook page https://www.facebook.com/oraclecardreadings to find out more

Sunday, September 9, 2012


"Olivia" from Creating Glamorous Jewelery With Swarovski Elements

Yesterday was our beading meet day. The challenge was "Olivia". There were lots of lovely colours and sparklies, pinks, greens and a gorgeous orange one which I can't wait to see finished. Here's mine. I didn't have any tear drop beads so mine is bicones, rondelles, and fire polished crystals.