Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Soutache Supplies & Yazzii

At the weekend I went to the local craft show in Brisbane. The lovely lady from Yazzii was there so I stocked up on a few pieces. This is what I got for my Soutache Supplies.


As you can see there's loops to tie the braid onto, then a plastic cover, this is double sided there's 2 of them plus some additional zipped areas

Then I got this one

It's got cabochons and beads I've bought specifically for Soutache. this travel one folds and fits into the larger one

And then because soutache looks great hung on ribbon I got a stash of silk ribbon and cotton cord so to store them I got this piece http://www.yazzii.com/p/325385/-ca14---mini-craft-organiser-large.html

I also got a few others for project organisers and for my ipad.
I've been keen to get a few of these for awhile, they are well made, there's heaps of styles to choose from, would suit a variety of crafts and most importantly keeps my braids and ribbons clean.

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