Monday, April 15, 2013

Beading Babes project 8

What a busy few months this has been. Beading Babes Project 8 Reveal date was yesterday.
This time I made "Three Graces" by Jill Wiseman

This came together fairly quickly. I love the little flower connectors.
I also started the project using peanut beads but got bored on the peyote band. I did like the way the peanut beads lock together though.

March on Beading Forum featured brick stitch, I found a tutorial for this pretty flower using brick stitch centre with herringbone flower petals

I've also done "Soutache Swirls" a beginner tutorial which I'm teaching at my local bead shop, it's also available through Etsy. I've also been preparing further classes.

I signed up for OTTBS April destash project and the Designer Quest for Beading Forum, which I've started so look out for pics soon

7th Bead Soup Blog Party had it's 2nd Reveal this weekend check here for the list, which also shows the map of where everyone is in the world.  I'm in the 3rd reveal which is a week or so away. So still need to finish a piece, take photos and write it all up. Another busy week ahead.


  1. Pretty, Lorelle! I like your version of that Jill Wiseman pattern MUCH better than the original! I don't remember seeing the flower connectors in the original (is that your adaptation?); they relieve the severity of the design enormously. Gorgeous herringbone fleur and soutache as well! See you in Reveal 3!

  2. Thanks Lori, the flower connectors were part of the pattern but the project list showed the adaption of a plain connection with chain fringe, I also thought this was prettier. The pattern also seems to need the right colours as I started in soft pink but it wasn't grabbing me.
    See you in Reveal 3 also

  3. Love them all. The colours in the earrings are great :-).