Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bead Soup has arrived

7th Bead Soup Blog Party Update
This week I received my bead soup from Lili in Indonesia (I haven't heard yet if Lili has received mine so still can't share those)
 See the gorgeous little pin, it now has pride of place on my bead table

Lots of goodies in this box

Lili has included items from local artisans, and local beads, I'm not sure which focal to use first, there's ideas jumping around clamouring to get out, so we'll have to see if I can do justice to this soup.


  1. Oh my goodness! Are you required to use everything? You have your work cut out for you. With that said, I love love love your soup. Have fun!

  2. I'm sure you can! You are going to have a whole lot of getting there too by the looks of this lot

  3. A lot of amazing stuff, gorgeous soup!!!

  4. Requirement is to use a focal and clasp but not necessarily in same piece.
    The round black dot glass has been used with a clasp
    the stitched tiger eye/crystal focal is used
    round orange glass balls and matching glass beads in orange and lime are used
    the man's head is being used(work in progress)
    There's a few other ideas floating around but I'll see how much time I have left

  5. I hope you already create something from those beads =)
    I have made a pair of earring from your soup.

    1. Hi Lili did you see the comment above? I've made 3 necklaces and have another with the mans head focal still in progress
      Glad you've been able to work with your soup too
      Getting excited to see what's being made