Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beadsmith Soutache Supplies

I recently began teaching Soutache at my local beading store using Beadsmith Soutache supplies.
I have previously mostly used the imported braid through Ameerunswithscissors.

I found the Beadsmith one a bit fiddly to begin with as it is thinner and narrower than what I was accustomed to, but soon got used to the feel in my hands. The ladies I've been teaching have been able to work with it easily and with no pull marks (where the needle catches a thread).

Here is my first Swirl earring using the imported braid

And this one is using Beadsmith

As you can see in the blue one the braid is tighter, finer and pulls around the beads making them pop. In the top one the braid is thicker and covers the beads more, these are polyester, feel luxurious and fray.

In the beadsmith one the blue is polyester, black and grey are rayon, none of these fray to the extent of the imported brand but the polyester does fray more than the rayon. It is very easy to combine polyester and rayon braids in the same stack as they still fit together nicely. I'm yet to play with metallics but understand it should fit in well also. As there is more substance in this braid you can easily determine whether your need is in right place because of resistance.

Amee from Ameerunswithscissors has been working for along time with Beadsmith to design a braid for jewellery design and they have succeeded enormously. I love working with the Beadsmith Soutache braid.


  1. Absolutely beautiful earrings. I always wondered what Soutache was and now I know. Thank you for sharing.